Throughout your undergraduate CS adventure, you will be using different kinds of software and tools to complete your tasks. Fortunately, Ryerson offers a lot of excellent software development tools for free to students. This list does not cover every free resource available to you but will highlight some of the more useful ones.

Github Student Developer Pack:

Github Student Developer Pack

This thing is honestly just amazing. It gives you access to a bunch of paid software for free. It will also provide you with a decent amount of initial credit for a variety of paid services.
One of the more useful benefits of the Github Student Dev Pack is unlimited access to Github private repositories. This will be extremely handy when developing your own personal projects or when working on school assignments.

Check out this link and apply with your email to gain access to the Github Student Developer pack:

Microsoft Office 365:

Office 365

At some point (probably in your Lower and Upper Level Liberal classes), you will be expected to write some research papers, essays, or create some presentations. Fortunately, Ryerson offers the Office 365 suite of tools for free to students. Check out this link and enter you email to gain access to Office 365:

Alternatively, Google's G Suite of tools is also available through your email account. You can access these when you login to at the bottom right of the screen.

Microsoft Imagine:

Microsoft Imagine

Microsoft Imagine is a service that provides CS students with several Microsoft products for free. Software such as Windows 10 and Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 are provided for free. You will need to use your email to access this service.
Link to Microsoft Imagine

JetBrains Suite of IDEs:


JetBrains is a company that has created several IDEs for software development in different languages. (Intergrated Development Environments are powerful programming applications which provide more functionality than regular text editors like Notepad++. These can be quite useful in software development)

Most of JetBrain's Pro IDEs are paid for but they are available to students for free. Simply apply for a student license with your email to gain access. You will receive a license that lasts for 1 year but it can be renewed every year as long as you are still a student and have access to your email.

Check out the JetBrains Student License here:



Lynda is similar to sites like Udemy and Udacity which offers paid courses to learn about certain languages, tools, or concepts. It can be quite useful when you are trying to learn some new material outside of your courses. Lynda is a monthly subscription based service but it is offered for free to Ryerson students.

Check out this link to gain access to Lynda through your Ryerson account:

For a more comprehensive list of tools and resources available to Ryerson students, check out the CSCU's Wiki page on Dev Tools:
We will keep this page up to date with several useful tools and software packages.

Ryerson also has an official page which lists several software packages that are available to students for free. Link: