Hey everyone! Glad to see that you're all settling in and making new friends.

Quick question: What the fuck.

Though we're all for everyone being in large facebook group chats and talking and helping each other, it's come to our attention that certain individuals in these groups are being...less than pleasant, to borderline obnoxious.

While theres nothing wrong with making jokes and sending your dankest memes, please do remember that if you're in a chat with all your fellow peers (cough Class of 2022 cough), you're essentially in a public setting, and if you wouldn't post something on your wall, don't post it in the damn groupchat.

Please be rational, and if you want to share your colorful memes, by all means, but do it in a more private setting. We're always watching.

If anyone has anything they want to talk about/report, please email us at president@ryecscu.com or rojin.shahba@ryerson.ca (President of Women in Computer Science). We promise it'll be kept 100% anonymous.

Get your shit together, please???