This post will (hopefully) clear up confusion about ENG 206 and ENG 211, and propose solutions that the CSCU is working on to increase the amount of computer science study space on campus.


During the Fall 2013 semester, ENG 206 was an open lab, with public access. The CSCU requested that the department on behalf of student requests make the room only accessible to CS students via OneCard.

ENG 211 became reallocated temporarily as lab space for a CPS course starting the following winter 2014 semester. When the lab was not in session it was accessible to computer science students via OneCard. The lab was reallocated for use by the Virtual Reality course for the Winter 2017 semester, with the same access setup.

Current State

This semester, ENG 211 was converted back to a Graduate Lab, which was its original purpose. Unfortunately, this means that undergraduate students will no longer have access to this room. The CSCU has listened to your feedback, and we are currently working on the following solutions:

Proposed Solutions:

This Semester

A table was added to the Labs wiki page with quick links to the lab schedules for ENG201-203 and ENG205 so you can check if a lab is open remotely.

The CSCU plans on purchasing three tables to be placed in ENG 206. They will be placed along the perimeter of the room. This is the best we can do in the short term.

This was supposed to be done earlier in the semester, but it had to be pushed back due to my health problems. My apologies.

Next Semester

We are currently working with the Department of Computer Science to renovate the second floor of the Engineering building to place tables along the west facing window curtain wall.

This renovation will be modeled after the third and fourth floors of the engineering building. This will include a significant increase of study space, adjacent to ENG 206. We will be posting further updates regarding this project on our site.

If you have any questions or suggestions you would like to be incorporated into this project, please contact me at

Next Year (and beyond)

The Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing across the street will be open for the next school year. Many departments will be moving their offices and labs to this building from various buildings across campus. The department will be setting up a committee composed of faculty members and the President and VP Academic of the CSCU (Evan Almeida and I).

This commitee will be set up this week. We wil be reaching out to students for feedback once more details are released.