Hey everyone!

The CSCU has received your nomination forms and it's time to begin the elections!

Starting from March 15th 12:01 AM until March 19th 11:59 PM , all candidates may proceed with their campaigning.

From March 22nd to March 24th, all Ryerson Computer Science students will be able to vote for their choice for all contested positions, or vote Yes/No for uncontested positions. To vote, you will be sent an email on the day of on how to vote.

Below is the list of all candidates:


Vanessa Landayan

VP Operations

Darryn Roopnarine

VP Academics

Alexander Massin

VP Student Life

Anastasiya Vutsevych

Richard Marquez

VP Finance

Sakshi Padhiar

VP Communications

Jason Truong

VP Careers and Outreach

Cindy Fang

4th Year Representative

Majuth Kirakalaprathapan

3rd Year Representative

Rocky (Hong Tu) Kuang

2nd Year Representative

Siya Joshi

Sreya Roy

Thao Nguyen