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Hello! We are looking for feedback on potential computer science specializations in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Security.

What is a concentration?

A concentration is a selected list of courses all relating to one subject. Creation of these concentrations would guide students in course selection, enabling them to choose courses related to their interests. The concentration would be indicated on the undergraduate degree and would demonstrate to employers that the student is highly knowledgeable in this sub-field of Computer Science, potentially raising chances of finding work in industries/fields related to the concentration.

What are the requirements for the concentration?

The accreditation would require the student to take 6 courses indicated by the concentration guideline.

Why is your feedback wanted?

As it stands right now, we only have one concentration, Software Engineering. We would like these concentrations to be available to those who are passionate about specific fields in Computer Science. As of right now, we need feedback from the students to see if there is incentive to add these concentrations. A favorable outcome would be the creation of more courses to accomodate the new concentrations.

Please take a minute to fill out the survey. The responses collected will be used to push for further concentrations at board meetings.

You can access the survey here: