Hello CS peoples,

As stated in the previous post on this manner, there is a continuing problem with the treatment of the break out rooms on the second floor of ENG next to room 203. We have been made aware that the situation has only gotten worse. Here are the incidents that we've been told about:

1) The rooms have been trashed. Computer Science students have not cleaned up after themselves and it's disgusting (ie. garbage left in there, spills

2) The TV has been damaged multiple times by students and replaced.

3) The door lock has been broken by students and replaced.

4) The schedule screen just outside the rooms has been ripped out by students. It has been replaced and a cover has been installed to prevent further damage.

5) Students have been drinking alcohol in the rooms (leaving their cans and containers behind).

These rooms have been made available to the Computer Science students so that we have the needed space to work and study. If this kind of treatment continues, they will no longer be available to us. We are already fighting for space as is and at this rate we will lose them. Please take care of these rooms when you choose to book them. You are responsible to make sure it is taken care of properly. We don't want to give the department more reasons repurpose these rooms. We must pick up our slack and treat these rooms with respect. Please let the CSCU or the department know if you see these rooms being mistreated.

Thank you