Hey everyone,

Since the 2019-2020 school year is coming up fast , the CSCU would like to inform you of all the benefits/drawbacks of opting in to the RSS(Ryerson Science Society) fees this year.

Firstly, what is this fee and how does it affect your student life?

When you log into RAMMS, you will be prompted to select which fees you wish to opt-in to. To opt-in the box must be unchecked. If you should decide to opt-in, the fee will go to the RSS. This fee is then pooled with all other RSS sources of money (including the faculty of science) to be used throughout the academic year.

The most direct way this money benefits Computer Science students is through us (The Computer Science Course Union). Last year we received funding from RSS for all our events. These events included the following:

  • The Technology and Innovation Panel, which brought representatives from companies such as Google, Amazon, Apple, Uber, Tesla and Bell and allowed students to get advice on how to build their careers and hiring tips.
  • Both of our social event pub nights which were attended by more than 150 students.
  • All our academic and career events which brought together both professors and students for the betterment of student academics. Some events included our Master's Panel and MLH Sponsored Workshops.

RSS funded 80% of our total budget last year, the two other sources being the Ryerson Student Union and the Department of Computer Science. The fee this year is one payment of $29.14. As a student contributing to the RSS you should also know that the RSS does serve the whole science student body. This means that the money you are giving is put into the whole science community not just Computer Science. Opting in or out will not affect your access to the CSCU's academic and career help events and also does not guarantee that the CSCU will receive ANY funding at all.

We encourage all of you to do a little research before making a decision about this. If you are not sure about anything we have listed above please contact Tony or Daniel directly over Facebook. If you are curious about the RSS and their finances please visit: https://www.rssonline.ca/about/governance/

Have a great summer!