Sci-Exchange is currently looking for a volunteer who is relatively proficient in MIT App Inventor for Android to lead a workshop for high school students on Friday November 16th & Friday November 23rd 10:00AM-12:00PM (You do not have to do both days!).

Events like these help put Ryerson on the map and increase the Computer Science program's reputation.

This is also great opportunity to gain clout within Ryerson if you ever want to be a teaching assistant in the future or get involved on campus in any other aspect, experiences like these are great.

At minimum it can pad your resume, employers love stuff like this and the experience will definitely improve your communication and networking skills.

If you want to volunteer please email me at

There is a full lesson plan already provided, we just need someone to help execute it.

Quick Overview:

We begin this workshop with a description of how Java works (compiling and running Java code). We demonstrate basic Java commands, such as print statements, loops, etc, by using examples from Big Java by Cay Horstmann. This background information provides students with insight into how MIT App Inventor works. The bulk of the workshop is spent working with MIT App Inventor itself. Students are introduced to the app development tool and then given a simple task to try on their own. At this point they get to think like app developers, deciding how they want the app to look, how complex it should be, etc. Once they have completed their apps, the students can install them on Android phones or run them using Android emulator software.
Preparation before the workshop

Email me!