This remembrance day marks the centenary of the end of the first World War and as such the CSCU would like to put out a remembrance day statement honouring all Canadians who fought and continue to fight in defense of liberty and human rights abroad.


The background photo of this post is of Vimy Ridge, a monument dedicated in 1996 to the fallen Canadian soldiers of the first world war. It is found in the Pas De Calais region of Northern France, where four Canadian divisions of the Canadian Expeditionary Force engaged three German divisions in the Battle of Vimy ridge. This battle was the first time four Canadian divisions ever fought uniformly and not as attachments to British forces, becoming a symbol of Canada's maturity as a nation.

As someone who has visited this area of France, I must say the experience is especially solemn. The monument itself towers over the surrounding landscape which even today, a hundred years after the conflict, bears the disfiguring shellholes from the artillery. The surrounding cemeteries offer seemingly unending rows of marked graves with ages 18 years old, 19 years old, 15 years old inscribed on the tombstones. If you ever find yourself in that region of France, you will truly understand the reason why we honour our veterans every remembrance day.

We also salute our current service members as well as those serving in Mali on behalf of the UN.

If you're downtown on the 11th(today) there is a ceremony at old city hall right next to nathan philips square at 10:45 AM.