Hey guys, your CSCU VP Academic here. Just got out of the Department Council meeting with some news and information to share.

CPS 209 Midterms

If you are currently enrolled in CPS209, I am aware that some of you have three midterms schedule in one day. If this is the case, you can contact Lori Fortune the Administrative Assistant of the CS department to reschedule your CPS209 midterm to a different lab time -- space permitting!. You can contact her at lfortune@ryerson.ca.

If issues like this arise in the future, please contact your year representative or me directly, emails are on the CSCU's contact page.

Second Floor Renovations

In my previous article about the status of computer science study space I stated that,

We are currently working with the Department of Computer Science to renovate the second floor of the Engineering building to place tables along the west facing window curtain wall.

This renovation will be modeled after the third and fourth floors of the engineering building. This will include a significant increase of study space, adjacent to ENG 206. We will be posting further updates regarding this project on our site.

Clearly, this project didn't happen over the holiday break. In the Department Council Meeting today, it was stated that there will be renovations taking place on the second floor of ENG starting May. The addition of seating on the second floor will be the first step in a list of other changes coming to the building, including:

  • Removal of the wall separating ENG201 and ENG202
  • Addition of removable separator between ENG201 and ENG202 to allow for larger lab sessions
  • Breakout rooms*
  • Further renovations of ENG203*
  • A e s t h e t i c improvements to the second floor hallways
  • Changes to the Visual Computing Lab, ENG211*

*Further details will be released in the future as they're finalized

Images of the planned renovations can be viewed on this page.

CSCU Lab Sanitation Pilot Project

The Department has approved of a CSCU pilot project, which will provide labs with disinfecting wipes for lab machine peripherals. This will improve lab sanitation by providing students with the option to clean their workspace before use. It will also help reduce the spread of germs, the flu's pretty bad this year!

A funding request was sent to the Ryerson Science Society today, expect to see these in the labs when you come back from reading week!