CSCU Elections

As some of you are aware, CSCU Elections came to a close last Thursday. I want to thank everyone that came out to vote, as well as all of the candidates for taking the time to nominate themselves and run. I wish next years team the best of luck! They will be officially appointed to their new positions on May 1st. Here's the lineup:


Jan Jedrasik

VP Academic

Tolaz Hewa

VP Communications

Hamza Siddiqui

VP Operations & Events

Tony Misic

VP Careers & Co-Op

Mathew Mozaffari

VP Finance

Andrei Korac

4th Year Representative

John Sudol

2nd Year Representative

Wayne Ferrao

The vacant positions for 4th Year Representative (There are two positions for 4th Year Representative) and 3rd Year Representative will be filled either by a nomination or by-election process, one of which will be decided on by next years team. These vacant positions will either be filled over the summer, or at the beginning of the next school year. Thank you all again for participating and good luck to next years team!