The holiday break is almost over, and the winter semester is upon us. Our team at the CSCU would like to ensure that you keep warm during these cold months, and maybe advertise our beloved emotional rollercoaster program to the rest of the school. By popular demand, and by that we mean you guys wouldn't leave us alone about it....we're offering you the opportunity to purchase a limited edition Ryerson Computer Science hoodies in either Black or White. This year our awesome graphic designer, Sharmaine Cantero, drafted up a new design. We've been using the same design for the last couple years, and we at CSCU believe if it isn't broken, we'll break it anyways.

Keep in mind we're not a big company. Sales are final (seriously). All our sales are done online, and processed through Stripe. Rest assured no one will be stealing those zany numbers on your credit card. We're not accepting cash payments.

Orders will be cut off JANUARY 18th - 9PM EASTERN STANDARD TIME (UTC-5). No whining you missed out on it. If all goes well, you will have them available for pickup before February 8th.

Upon purchase, you will receive an email containing your invoice. You will need to show us this to pick up your hoodie, as well as your student card. NO EXCEPTIONS.

The demand this year is higher than ever before, so we really want this to go over smoothly.