Attention all first year students!

We have caught wind that some students are having difficulty with CPS109 - Computer Science 1. Seeing as this course is a very important introduction to programming, the CSCU has taken it upon themselves to host a tutorial session on October 15th.

Upper year students present:Tolaz,Tony,Mikhail,Daniel,Jan,Bojan.

Location: ENG 202 and 203 Time: 5pm – 8pm
Topics covered by Jan and Tolaz:

  • Variables and functions
  • If statements
  • Lists and strings
  • For loops
  • Picture manipulation and encryption

5:00pm-6:00pm: Any before hand questions in ENG202.
6:00pm - 6:40pm: Jan and Tolaz teaching topics.
6:40pm - 7:20pm: Going through the practice questions with Tony, Mikhail, Daniel, and Bojan.
7:20pm - 8:00pm: Open question period.

Come gain wisdom from some upper year CSCU students.