The official medium of communication with the CSCU is via email. All executive members below can be reached via


Jan Jedrasik, President:

Tolaz Hewa, VP Academic:

Daniel Bellissimo, VP Communications:

Tony Misic, VP Operations & Events:

Andrei Korac, VP Finance:

VP Careers & Outreach (Vacant):


Malcolm Gomes, 4th Year Representative:

Noah Mifsud Lattari, 3rd Year Representative

Wayne Ferrao, 2nd Year Representative

Alfred Langer, 1st Year Representative:

Danri He, Digital Marketing Director

Mitchell Mohorovich, Systems Administrator

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Office Hours

We promise to have one of our top-tier execs at the office for any questions/such concerns you may want to address in person. Hours are as follow:

Monday 11am-1pm
Thursday 11am-1pm
Friday 4pm-6pm

Contact Us

If you have a concern or inquiry and would like to get in contact with us immediately you may use the form below.