The CSCU is the Undergraduate Computer Science Course Union at Ryerson University.


The main goal of the CSCU is first and foremost, advocacy on behalf of full time students in the computer science program at Ryerson University.

From academics to facilities, the CSCU has votes on the department council meetings and the curriculum committee, which have led to tangible change within the program. We strive to maintain strong lines of communications between the department staff and undergraduate students. Located at ENG111, swing by at any time to speak in person, or contact us.


The CSCU holds regular academically related events, including academic workshops and study sessions. We also collaborate with other student groups and industry to hold career related events for students. We have held many social events, pub nights, LAN nights and movie nights in the past.


We are currently moving our web services to AWS to allow for autonomy as well as rapid development and deployment of web services for students. We are currently working on an exam bank for students, and are currently planning for others, possibly including game servers and other services. Have an idea? Contact us